1976 Pulitzer Prize, Spot News Photography, Stanley J. Forman, Boston Herald American It's quitting time on a brutally hot day in July when Boston Herald American photographer Stanley Forman hears a report of a fire in Boston’s Back Bay. He follows screaming fire trucks to a six-story apartment house in flames. Forman remembers "a roaring, roaring inferno... heavy smoke. Heavy fire. It was like a firestorm." Forman runs to the back of the building. "Then I spotted them. A woman, a child and they re standing there on the fire escape, 10 feet from the fire itself. And they're looking for help." As Forman watches, a firefighter climbs down from the roof. He pulls them away from the flames, shielding them with his heavy rubber coat. Seeking a better vantage point, Forman climbs onto a ladder truck. "Everything was fine," says Forman. "I was just shooting a routine rescue. Switching lenses, switching cameras." A ladder rises slowly toward the fire escape. The firefighter reaches out to grab the ladde

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